Picnic Reservations in the Pavilion

Lake Kandle only reserves picnics for full time patrons (members & full season campers). Dates can be reserved beginning in April. Phone reservations via credit card are encouraged for summer reservations made between April 1st and May 1st.

Want to reserve a picnic in one of the pavilions? Read our policies below.

The Pavilions

Here at Lake Kandle we have 3 Pavilions available for picnic reservation.

The “Small Pavilion” (“Building H”on the map next to wiffleball field and competition pool).

The “Zero Pavilion” (“Building K” on the map at the tropical theme pool).

The “Grove Pavilion” (“Building N” on the map located above the lake’s kiddie area, bordering the campground).

The “Large Pavilion”, Building I, is reserved for Lake Kandle activities or is common use space for non event days. The “Large Pavilion” cannot be reserved by patrons.

Link to Map of Lake Kandle: http://lakekandle.com/view-map/

Each pavilion/ section is set-up with trash receptacles, picnic tables, and a large charcoal grill. Picnics are encouraged to grill their own food, order pizza from outside vendors, or even have the picnic catered.

If you’re looking to store a cake in a cool space, you may leave your cake in the office. Unfortunately, we do not provide storage for ice cream cakes or other frozen treats.

Rules, Policies, and Fees for Picnics

-$50 Non-refundable booking fee. Only one reservation will be made per event (no rain date will be booked unless cancelled before 11AM the day of event). Fee transferable to Lake Kandle credit for applicable cancellations. Members have until 11AM day of picnic to cancel without penalty. 

-Limited to 25 non member guests.

-All guests subject to guest fee. Member may elect to have gate staff run a guest fee tab and pay by day’s end or have guests pay their own way. Guest lists are ideal for easy entry and settlement. Guests may not be on premises without host member present for duration of guest’s visit. 

-Lake Kandle will not deal with 3rd parties. Reservations and guest tabs exclusively conducted with MEMBERS only.

-Pavilions cannot be reserved for Holidays or Holiday Weekends.

We do not differentiate between “swimming” and “non swimming” guests. Even if a guest is only coming to sing happy birthday and eat cake, they are still subject to the guest fee.

Cancellations made before 11AM on the date of your picnic are eligible to have the pavilion fee transferred to another date or kept on account as Lake Kandle credit.  Guest fees are non-refundable, so we advise you to check the weather conditions the night before or morning of the picnic to determine whether to cancel or not.

Lake Kandle will not host picnics for churches, school field trips, or day cares. Picnics should be reserved for small family gatherings, birthday parties, and graduation parties whereby the member is the sole host of the event. Dealings will not be conducted with 3rd parties or non-members.

If you are reserving a pavilion, please educate guests on Lake Kandle’s safety rules and polices prior to arrival. As a host, you are responsible for your guests’ actions. Thank you and happy picnicking!

Picnics can only be reserved by members and seasonal campers.