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THIS AGREEMENT, made this ______ day of _________________ in the year ___________ BETWEEN LAKE KANDLE, INC., operating at Lake Kandle, in the Township of Washington, County of Gloucester and State of New Jersey, hereinafter called Campground owner; and


of__________________________________________________________________________________ hereinafter called Camper, WITNESSETH, that the Campground Owner has let, and by these presents does Camping Agreement unto the said Camper.

Campsite Number ____________ at Lake Kandle in Washington Township, Gloucester County, New Jersey, for the term of one season from ________________ to ________________ at the rent of $________________ payable in advance upon the execution of this camping agreement, the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged. Rent must be paid in full by the beginning of rental term.

IT IS HEREBY expressly agreed between CAMPGROUND OWNER AND CAMPER as follows:

  1. Lake Kandle, Inc has a lien on all personal property located at the campground facility for rent, labor or other reasonable charges due as specified in the agreement, and for expenses necessary for its preservation or for the expenses reasonably incurred in any sale or charge.
  2. Camper will not assign this Camping Agreement nor sublet the said Campsite or any part thereof, nor construct any permanent building or additions thereon.
  3. Camper may have a Recreational Vehicle (RV) upon said Campsite providing that the wheels of said Recreational Vehicle remain attached to said RV and that said RV may be placed on the Campsite at any time. Maximum width of Recreational Vehicle is not to exceed 8 feet 6 inches with the exception of Recreational Vehicles with “Tip Outs.” No Park Models, also commonly known as “Twelve Wides,” are permitted.
  4. All campfires shall be supervised by the Camper at all times, and shall be completely extinguished when left unattended.
  5. Camper shall keep the land and premises free from any trash or refuse matter, and shall deposit any trash in proper receptacles provided. Camper is also responsible for the mowing of the subject campsite, and otherwise maintaining the Campsite and personal property thereon in a safe, clean, and attractive condition.
  6. Except during the period of the rented term, campsite and recreational facilities hereby shall not be occupied or used. Camper shall have the right to inspect Recreational Vehicle upon giving Campground Owner 24 hours notice.
  7. Camper covenants and agrees to observe the following Rules and Regulations concerning the conduct and use of campsite, lake, and pool.
    -Alcoholic beverages and profane language are prohibited.
    -There shall be no disturbance of the peace nor any disorderly conduct or rowdiness, and there shall be no noise from television sets, radios, or otherwise so as to disturb other campers of Lake Kandle.
    -Guests of the camper shall pay the appropriate guest fee per day, which fee shall be paid upon  entrance to Lake Kandle. No guests will be admitted after 8:30PM.
    -Camper will be limited to six (6) guests per day. Special permission is needed for additional guests. Camper must be present while guests are on premises, and Camper shall be responsible for all actions of guests.
    -All pets of any kind are strictly prohibited.
    -No trees or shrubbery shall be destroyed, damaged, or removed.
    -All papers or cartons, either of metal, plastic, or cardboard, and all other types of refuse, shall be placed in the proper designated containers placed on the grounds and not permitted to be scattered about the grounds.
    -It is expressly understood and agreed that Lake Kandle is not a public lake and the enjoyment thereof is by membership only.
    -Any type of game must be played on playing areas provided only. Positively no ball playing is permitted on or near beach area.
    -Persons swimming must use designated swimming area. Swimming is not permitted from campsites or boats.
    -Positively no firearms or game hunting equipment is permitted on the premises at any time whatsoever.
    -Fishing is not permitted in the bathing area or where signs so indicate. Boats are not permitted to land in any bathing area. Positively no glass containers may be carried on boats or by the lake.
    -No minor (under the age of 18) can camp without an adult.
    -Combustible materials must be kept out of the reach of children.
    -No guests of campers will be allowed to set up a tent or living quarters on camper’s campsite.
    -Golf carts are prohibited.
    -Off road motorized and battery operated vehicles are prohibited. (i.e. Mini bikes, ATVs, Mo-Peds, Go-carts, etc.)
    -Skateboards are prohibited.
    -Playground equipment is prohibited on campsites (i.e. swing & gym sets, rope swing)
  8. In the event of any violation of the Rules and Regulations of the Camping Agreement, the Camping Agreement may be declared null and void, and the violator required to vacate the grounds within ten (10) days of notice. In the event of the removal of any Camper by violation of any Rules and Regulations, no refund shall be given to the Camper for any part of the rent paid by him/her.
  9. Campground Owner covenants and agrees that the Camper, so long as the Camper is not in violation of the Camping Agreement, shall lawfully and quietly hold, occupy, and enjoy said Campsite and ground privileges, during the term, without any sublet, hindrance, or molestation by said Campground Owner.
  10. This Camping Agreement represents the entire agreement between the parties hereto and there are no collateral or agreements of undertakings. However, the Campground Owner reserves the right, for the proper convenience of the occupiers of Lake Kandle, to make and publish Rules and Regulations other than contained in this Camping Agreement governing the conduct and privilege of Lake Kandle, which shall become part of the Camping Agreement when promulgated as though written herein.
  11. Campground Owner’s Right of Entry to Inspect: Camper shall permit Campground Owner and the agents and employees of Campground Owner to enter into and upon Camper’s rented Campsite at all reasonable times for the purpose of inspecting same, without any rebate of rent and without  any liability to Camper for any loss of occupation or quiet of the premises thereby occasioned.
  12. Curfew and Quiet Hours: There shall be a curfew for Camper of 11:00PM on Friday and Saturday nights and a curfew of 10:00 PM on all other nights of the week. This curfew restricts Camper’s right to use the facilities of Lake Kandle and prohibits Camper’s presence anywhere on the grounds of Lake Kandle, except for Camper’s Campsite as rented herein.
  13. Improvements: Camper shall not construct any improvements to his or her Campsite without the written consent of the Campground Owner. For these purposes, improvements shall include, but are not limited to patios of any kind, including but not limited to patio blocks, or concrete pads. If Camper receives such consent and constructs an improvement on his campsite, then the improvement shall become property of the Campground Owner at the expiration of the term of the Camping Agreement. If the Camper desires to remove his improvement at the expiration of the term of his Camping Agreement, he must first receive written permission from the Campground Owner, which permission may be withheld for any reason.
  14. Screened Rooms and Casitas: All screened structures will be of a commercially made, collapsible type, which must be disassembled at the close of the season.
  15. Patios: All patios will be of masonry block construction or concrete and will be built only as approved and specified by the Campground Owner.
  16. Decks: All decks will be built only as approved and specified by the Campground Owner, which includes but is not limited to material specifications and compliance to building code regulations in the State of New Jersey. No decks may be attached directly to RVs, temporarily or permanently.
  17. Awnings: All awnings will be of a commercially made type, manufactured specifically for Recreational Vehicles by recognized vendors to the RV industry, such as SilverTop and Durabilt, and others. Said awnings cannot be permanently attached to Recreational Vehicle, which awnings shall have the capacity of being retracted or disassembled at the close of the season.
  18. Selling RV ON-SITE: CAMPER may sell your RV on-site if the following protocol is followed and understood.
    -Receive permission from the campground owners.
    – Your account must be paid up to date.
    -The Camping Agreement does not give the Camper the “Right to Assign” the campsite, nor does it allow the camper to “ Sublet” the campsite.
    -The prospective buyer must meet with the Campground Owner prior to final sale. The prospective buyer must agree to the terms of the Lake Kandle “Camping Agreement.” Otherwise the buyer is purchasing an RV that will be leaving Lake Kandle.
    -If the seller is unsuccessful in selling their RV, there are two options: Resign a current camping agreement. Comply with the payment schedule and pay RV storage fee. Or remove RV and personal items at the close of the camping season, when the camping agreement is terminated.
    -If Recreational Vehicle left on site without renewed agreement, the Camper will be charged $1000 per month for each month that Camper’s property occupies the site.
    – If the RV is successfully sold on-site, the seller must pay the appropriate percent fee of the asking price: 5% for RVs 1-9 years old, 10% for RVs 10-15 years old, and 15% for RVs older than 15 years.
    – If RV is sold during the camping season, rent will be refunded on a pro-rata basis. The parties hereto acknowledge receiving a copy of this Camping Agreement.
  19. Upon expiration of this agreement, if Recreational Vehicle or personal belongings are left on site without renewed agreement, the Camper will be charged $1000 per month for each month that Camper’s property occupies the campsite.
  20. LATE PAYMENT: If site rental is not paid in full by the start of the rental term, CAMPER is subject to a $5 per day late charge for each day the site balance is past due.
  21. Cancellation/ Refund Policy: Deposits are refundable less a $50 processing fee for cancellations made prior to January 1st of the contract year. Cancellations made prior to the beginning of the camping season but after January 1st  are refundable less $500 deposit and storage fees.  Payments are non-refundable once the camping season begins.
  22. The number of occupants covered under this Camping Agreement shall be ___________ and their names are as follows: (list ages of children)
  1. In circumstances of “Acts of God” (examples being, but not limited to earthquake, hurricane, derecho, tornado) Camper is responsible for the restoration of the campsite during the rented term. CAMPER is encouraged to insure all personal property located at campground.
  2. This property being privately owned, the Camper accepts camping privileges with the understanding that he/she hereby release the campground and its employees of all liability for the loss or damage to property and injury to his/her person arising out of his/her use of the camping facilities and agrees to release the campground, its officers, and employees against claims resulting from the loss or damage to property or injury to the person or any member of his/her family or guest of camper arising out of use of camping facilities.

The Campers signing hereunder, if more than one, shall be jointly and severally liable.

CAMPER(S) Signature _______________________________________________DATE __________

CAMPER(S) Signature _______________________________________________DATE __________

CAMPER PHONE:____________________CAMPER EMAIL__________________________________

Contract issued by ____________________________Lake Kandle, INC DATE __________________