Guest Policy

* Members are limited to 4 guests per day. Authorization is required to have additional guests. To have more than four guests, please call or stop by the office for permission. Members seeking a large party or family gathering should review our pavilion reservation procedure. Lake Kandle never permits extra guests on holidays.

* Members are responsible for their guests. It is a member’s responsibility to make their guests aware of Lake Kandle’s rules and policies. Members must be on premises for the duration of their guest’s visit. Guests found on premises without the host member present will result in the revocation of the host member’s membership.

* Please notify the staff at the gate that you will be having guests. Often times different members of the staff are working the gate throughout the day, so we may not know if you are here or not which may result in delaying your guest’s entry. Also, please indicate whether the guests will be paying for themselves or if you will be paying for them. If the member is paying for their guests, they can leave a list for our staff to check off or we may take a tally count. Once all of your guests have arrived, stop back in the office to pay the guest fees. You may also prepay for your guests if you are certain of the exact number of guests.

* Guest fees are non refundable. We advise members to check weather conditions prior to inviting guests. If a guest is leaving and then coming back later that day, please stop in the office for a return pass. Once again, guests may only be on premises if the host member is present.

Prohibited items

Intoxicating beverages
Skateboards, Rollerblades, Scooters
Water balloons
Any dangerous or disruptive accessory


Smoking is only permitted in the designated smoking area which is located along the woods at the far end of the beach. This area is designated with signs.


Lifeguards are not babysitters, nor are they customer service representatives. They are here in case of emergencies and must maintain vigilance while on the stand. Any/ all costumer service needs should be addressed in the office.

Missing Persons

In the case that a child has gone missing, Lake Kandle will conduct a missing person search. This search requires the cooperation of all our guests under the guidance of our lifeguards and management via the public address system.

During a search, the pool area is cleared and volunteers are asked to form a human chain in the lake. Exits are also blocked off incase of child abduction.

If you are missing your child or if you see a parent frantically searching for their child, please notify the nearest staff member so we can start a search immediately.